Job vacancies at Dubai Expo 2020: How to apply

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Dubai Expo 2020 is poised to be a spectacular event. And to ensure it is a sure success, Expo 2020 is looking for people who can join their team. It is keen to tap the best of world-class talent. If you want to be part of their innovative, creative and diverse team, apply for the many job opportunities that are posted on their website.

Senior Analyst Grant Management

Ref. JB3694536

Responsibilities: The Senior Analyst Grant Management will support the Expo Live department by developing and managing key day-to-day work plans and activities related to the grant recipients, ensuring necessary compliance and deliverables.

Manager Vendor Administration
Ref. JB3700434

Responsibilities: The Manager Vendor Administration is to be the first point of contact between Expo 2020 and its supply chain, providing the ‘shop window’ for potential vendors to view and participate in business opportunities with Expo 2020.

Manager Digital Content
Ref. JB3702011

Responsibilities: The role of the Manager Digital Content will be central in the development and shaping of the growing digital ecosystem for Expo2020. This includes delivering a solid digital platform across multiple language websites, working closely with Marketing and the Social Media team to coordinate content across all the digital channels.

Ref. JB3701969

Responsibilities: The role of the Driver is to assist Expo2020 in fulfilling the mission of a seamless operation by providing safe driving support and general administration.

Manager Campaign Marketing
Ref. JB3701886

Responsibilities: The Manager Campaign Marketing will develop integrated marketing campaigns that align with the overall brand campaign strategy. This includes campaign, activity plans and developing content across offline and online channels for Expo 2020 leading up to and including event time.

Pensions Officer
Ref. JB3701521

Responsibilities: The purpose of the Pension Officer is to administer the UAE and GCC nationals pension process and associated payments reporting, liaising and responding to all pension authorities’ requirements on behalf of Expo 2020.

Manager Youth
Ref. JB3701418

Responsibilities: The role of the Manager Youth will be to manage the development of school and university road shows plan and engagement calendar to ensure that youth are aware of Expo and involved in giving feedback on certain areas of planning. ?

Vice President Commercial Overlay
Ref. JB3700820

Responsibilities: The Vice President Commercial Overlay is responsible for all commercial aspects of overlay Projects, including budget preparation, cost management of overlay scope, procurement and contract management to ensure that the design, development and delivery component of overlay Projects is achieved for Expo2020. ?

Manager Accounts Payable
Ref. JB3700675

Responsibilities: The Manager Accounts Payable will be responsible to plan, manage and implement the necessary controls and processes to manage the Accounts Payable unit.

Manager Zonal Logistics
Ref. JB3699919

Responsibilities: The Manager Zonal Logistics will be to lead the Venue Logistics operations across multiple Zones on the Expo 2020 site, working closely with all relevant functional areas to plan and implement resources and equipment across their respective Expo 2020 Zones. ?

Senior Analyst
Ref. JB3699176
Responsibilities: The purpose of Senior Analyst is to support internal processes, especially the application management dimension of Expo Live. ?


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