One killed, two arrested in Saudi anti-terror operation

Security forces killed one terrorist and captured two others during a security operation in Saihat in eastern Saudi Arabia.
Primary reports say that the security forces observed the movement of the suspects and surrounded them immediately. The terrorists opened fire and the security men responded.
Consequently, one terrorist was killed and two were captured. The security sources have not revealed the identity of the dead or captured terrorists, nor has the Interior Ministry released a detailed statement about the security operation.
Separately, two people surrendered in the Eastern Province on Sunday morning, five years after their names were included in a list of 23 wanted terrorists announced by the Saudi Interior Ministry.
The two wanted men, Ramzi M. Al-Jammal and Ali H. Al-Zaid, gave themselves up voluntarily to the authorities.
Their surrender comes 18 days after another man, Mohammed bin Issa Al-Labbad, gave himself in to the security forces.
A total of eight people from the list of 23 have surrendered.
The number of wanted terrorists remaining on the list now stands at three: Salman A. Al-Faraj, Fadel H. Al-Safwani and Mohammed H. Al-Zaid. The others were killed during armed clashes with the security forces.



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