Do You Know Your Comedians? Get to Know Some of the Philippines’ Comedians Here!

  • Do you know some of the local entertainment industry’s comedians?
  • Some of them are Jimmy Santos, Joey Marquez, and Dagul, among others!
  • Get to know the rest of them below and watch the video report!

Being a comedian is a tough job. You have to make people laugh with your jokes, antics, and quips because the public has varying styles of humor. Some may prefer dark comedy while others prefer dirty or green jokes. Some may also prefer slapstick while others go with banter. Truly, being a comedian is no joke. Have you met some of our comedians in the local entertainment industry?
You may have seen them on variety shows, gag shows, and sketch comedies but do you really know them by name? Do you know other talents that may possess instead of just making people laugh? YouTube user ‘Dalton Channel‘ gathered some of the comedians you should know about. Here are some of them:

Whitney Tyson

No, that’s not Whitney Houston (obviously). Whitney Tyson combined his name from yes, Whitney Houston the singer and Mike Tyson, the boxer. In 1988, he won the “PMPC Star Awards for Television” under the “Most Promising TV Personality” in the show “Goin’ Bananas.”


Shalala is not just a comedian; he’s also a TV host and radio personality. You may hear him on DZRJ, where he has the “Shalala and Friends” program. He also appeared in several television shows and movies, including “Daisy Siete Season 22: Kambalilong” and “Dear Uge.”


Mahal was born as Noemi Tesorero. She used to be big before but now, she’s happily married to a non-showbiz guy named Jobbie Hebrio. Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that they tied the knot on November 2, 2015. Jobbie was quoted by the source saying, “Finally, asawa ko na si Mahal (Mahal is my wife).”


Kitkat was born as Soraya Ray Bañas who was known as “The Stolen Diva” under Star Magic. She appears on television shows and in movies as one of the sidekicks of the lead role. In 2016, she won the “Best Actress” award in the Aliw Awards for the musical play D.O.M. (Dirty Old Man).

Ogie Alcasid

Before Ogie became known for his singing prowess, he was made waves as one of Philippine television’s comedians. Ogie appeared in “Small Brothers,” “Mana Mana,” “Tropang Trumpo,” “Bubble Gang,” “Ay, Robot!” and “Show Me Da Manny.” Now, he’s happy with Regine Velasquez and focusing on his singing career.

Andrew E.

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
He’s not just a well-known rapper and singer; Andrew E. also appeared on television and nabbed supporting roles that tested his comedic chops. However, he tried drama as well and appeared in “Dolce Amore” as Liza Soberano’s biological father.
Anjo Yllana

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Anjo is currently in politics now but before that, he was known as one of the entertainment industry’s well-recognized comedians. He appeared in comedy films such as “Dino, Abangan ang Susunod Na…,” “Pempe ni Sarah at Pen,” and “Milyonaryong Mini.”

Joey Marquez

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Joey appeared on several television shows and movies after he left his political career, which eventually exposed him to some supporting roles that featured him in comedic situations.


via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Dagul is one of the industry’s well-known comedians who is best known for being the gag show “Goin’ Bulilit” with minor roles. He used to appear on “Kool Ka Lang” and “Ok Fine Whatever.”

Leo Martinez

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Leo is also one of the industry’s well-known comedians who has lots of shows and film under his belt since 1970. In 1991, he won the “Best Supporting Actor” Award for the film “Juan Tamad at Mr. Shooli: Mongolian Barbecue,” which was a Metro Manila Film Festival entry.
Carmi Martin

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Carmi used to be known for her comedic films and shows but now, she’s more into drama. She appeared in “No Other Woman” and several films with Star Cinema.

Roderick Paulate

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Roderick was recognized for portraying gay roles in comedic situations. He also won the “Best Supporting Actor” in “1+1=12+1” in 1987s’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

Tito Sotto

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Yes, the senator has appeared in some comedic roles on GMA Network as well. However, he’s notable for appearing in “Eat Bulaga” as one of its co-hosts when he is not serving the senate.

Melai Cantiveros

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Melai could be very well known as Pokwang’s successor – or a fellow comedienne on the roster. Melai instantly attracted the viewers of the “Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up” with her comedic antics, making her the season’s winner.
Jimmy Santos

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Jimmy’s moustached face is well-recognized on television. He appeared in “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin,” “My Bebe Love,” “My Little Bossings,” and “Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Ako,” among others.


via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Ah yes, who could forget Pokwang? She’s one of the most wholesome comedians out there who don’t resort to making fun of others for the sake of comedy. Pokwang only relies on her banters and witty antics. She’s also a versatile actress who knows how to do drama-themed shows and movies.

Maricel Soriano

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Really, Maricel is a comedienne? She’s a highly versatile actress who could do comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, and even horror. After all, she’s not the “Diamond Star” of the entertainment industry for nothing. Some of her comedy works are “I Will Survive,” “Inday,” “Inday Bote,” and “Super Inday.”

Vhong Navarro

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Vhong is known for appearing in comedy films such as “Da Possessed,” “Kimmy Dora,” “Gagamboy,” and “Mr. Suave.” Of course, he’s highly associated with one of the most known comedians of today, Vice Ganda.

Eugene Domingo

via YouTube/Dalton Channel
Eugene, or “Uge,” became recognized for her “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” film and several comedy roles in television series and movies. She’s also known as Ai-Ai delas Alas’ sidekick.

Ai-Ai delas Alas

via YouTube/Dalton Channel

Who could forget the Ultimate Comedy Queen herself? Ai-Ai has been making people laugh since time immemorial – kidding, she entered showbiz in 1991 – her name and identity is highly associated with the comedy genre in the Philippines.
Do you know all of these comedians? Here is the video for your reference:


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