OFW in Saudi Arabia Dies Because of Committing Suicide, Family Doubts Findings and Seeks Justice for Uncertain Death

The family of an OFW demands justice for the death of an OFW who allegedly committed a suicide while working in Saudi Arabia. The agency claimed the OFW had ended her own life which the family refuses, believing there is a foul play as the OFW has expressed her willingness to go home to the Philippines for being maltreated by the employer.

Maricris Bongcaras Serato, a simple mother who hailed from Malapatan, Sarangani had left the Philippines April last year to work as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. She had left the country with hopes of being able to financially provide for her family and to build a house of their own, simple dreams that seemed to vanish when she was proclaimed lifeless.

According to Brigada news during an interview with her elder sister Maryche Bongcaras, Maricris expressed her desire to return to the Philippines by end of September when they conversed last September 29. Apparently, Maricris told her sister that she was being maltreated by her employers and she fears her employer’s son who was showing interest in her. They also found out that the employment contract was not followed as Maricris had worked for various employers whose names were not the same as what was indicated in the contract.

The agency claimed the OFW committed suicide which her family cannot believe as there were no proofs to support the claim. They also do not believe that Maricris would be able to do such as she has big dreams for herself and her family.

Tech Search International Corporation had been looking into her case and investigations were being conducted to establish what really happened to Maricris. A representative of the agency said that they were closely coordinating with OWWA and the Philippine Embassy to resolve the case the soonest possible time. They also offered financial support to the OFW’s family for her untimely death.

Angelito Serato, husband of Maricris hopes that justice is accorded to her wife.

Maryche also appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte for assistance as she seeks justice for unknown cause of death of Maricris.

The remains of Maricris is expected to be in the Philippines in November.

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