Application and Renewal of NBI Clearance by OFWs Made Easy with As Simple as 1-2-3

Prior to employment, a Filipino applying for work abroad should be able to submit various documents as requirements to be submitted to licensed recruitment agencies. However, some documents expire yearly and should be renewed accordingly. Among those, the NBI clearance is one of those mostly sought by employers.

While it is strictly implemented that the owner of the NBI clearance should personally apply for himself for security purposes, OFWs need not be bothered because they can apply worry-free and hassle-free following these simple steps:

1.Proceed to the Philippine Embassy or the Consulate of the country where you are currently employed and secure an NBI Clearance Application Form No. 5.
2.Completely fill-up the application form. For the fingerprints, ask assistance from the Consulate or nearest police station for fingerprint impression and let the witness signature on the form to attest that the fingerprints were your own.
3.Attach a recent 2”X2” picture with a white background on the form together with a photocopy of your passport and 2 valid identification cards (government IDs if possible).
4.Log on to and register online on NBI’s official website. Fill-up the necessary information and upon completion, take note of the reference number which will be appearing on the screen after successful submission of application. Record your reference number which will also serve as NBI’s code in retrieving your data and in checking the status of your application.
5.In an envelope, put your completely filled-up application form together with P200 as payment for the NBI clearance (P115) and mailing service fee (P85.00) through the Philippine Post.
6.Send your email to this address:

Ms. Sandra P. Sobida

Mailed Clearance Section

3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Bldg.,

UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Tel. No. (+632) 523 8231 local 5465.

7.The process of applications will take a maximum of five (5) working days upon receipt of the documents.
8.Please issue an Authorization Letter addressed to NBI authorizing any of your relative or anyone whom you trust who will claim your certificate. Affix your signature legible.

By following the said steps, acquiring and renewal of NBI clearance is as simple as 1-2-3! via.


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