GCC BAN and Filipino Expats (New Rule 2016)

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Gulf Countries witnessed the Affability and kindness of Filipinos migrants, they are really complaisant inbehavior and counting pleasantness in society, but on other side the ratio of Labour LawViolations by Filipino workers areincreasing day by day.

After thousands of criminal offenses thePhilippine overseas Employment Administrator announced that any Filipino whohave been deported from any member of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) will beban from entering any other GCC country.

The Philippine overseas employmentAdministrator Chief HANS LEO CACDAC said that Qatar’s Ministry of Interior hasissued a circular stating workers who have been deported or cancelled from anyGCC country by violating Labour Lawor for running away from sponsor/Employers or Company will be denied entry byall other GCC Countries.

HANSLEO CACDAC said GCC members also havea current aggrement to
disallow foreign workers who were deported or cancelled for being involved in
criminal offenses from entering other GCC countries.

As per Ministry of Interior the circularis in accordance with the resolutions of the Secretary General of the GCC andthe activation of the Security link among all GCC Countries that any illegaloffense or violation of Labour Law Regulations in one of the GCC countrieswill be treated as a violation of all other GCC country.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United ArabEmirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman compose the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC).

The Philippine overseas employmentAdministrator Chief HANS LEO CACDAC said the GCC hoped the measure willreduce cases of runaways and ensure Labour market stability in Gulf region.

Important: Thisis not yet confirmed throughthe official UAE Government.


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