Their daughter was 14-years-old

A woman ended her 27-year-long marriage after her husband mistakenly sent a series of dirty texts to their 14-year-old daughter.

According to the anonymous mother, who has written about her experience on Australian website Mamamia, the messages were intended for a sex worker that her husband had been attempting to meet.

The minute her daughter came running to her mother with her phone in her hand, it was obvious what had happened, she writes.

Multiple messages were sent to the daughter and included references to nights her husband had spent with sex workers, directions to their home and date proposals, with one reading: “Hi girls, I saw your pics, I love them. Do you want me to buy you a drink? I’ll buy you a drink. I am waiting at the bar.”

This prompted the woman to leave her husband, who has subsequently stopped giving his family any money, despite reportedly earning a $100,000 monthly salary in a business that she has a 50 per cent share in.

“My husband’s messages to sex workers had landed on my 14-year-old’s phone, and I decided enough was enough,” she said.

She has since found his picture on a “Sugar Daddy” website, whereby young women are matched with older men who will provide for them financially in exchange for dates.

However, the anonymous mother-of-two writes that her husband was not always an adulterer.

It was only after the couple had children, a decision he was strongly against, that he began philandering with other women, she says.

Unfortunately, her husband’s cheating and the way in which it was revealed has had severe consequences for the couple’s two teenage daughters, both of whom are now being treated for depression.

“I feel immense guilt,” she wrote.

“If I just stayed and closed my eyes to all the cheating, I wouldn’t be putting my kids through this.”


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