The 53-year-old fight club actor has become obsessed with the British actress as he cast her in his new Starz series, Sweetbitter. It is said that brat was happy and eager with the idea of him working with Ella when his production company, plan B’ started to advance the play about an NYC waitress. This is according to the source, touch weekly

‘’From the initial stage Brad and Ella hit it off immediately,’’ the source informed the In Touch Weekly. “He went beyond to cast her.” What other things do we know thus far about this romantic development that has been seen of late? Let’s explore more.

This is the first attachment considered to be serious that has been publicized since his departure from Angelina Joe, in which he accepted his battle with alcoholism.

The actor has been rumored to have secret affairs with sienna miller, and also an artist at an art sculpting studio in LA, though all are still speculations with no confirmation yet.

Purnell is just 5-years older than the Maddox, their adopted son, one of the six children shared by Jolie and Pitt.

Surprisingly, the age difference is never the biggest shock in the Pitt’s new relationship. If you realize the face of the 21-year-old and can’t seem to suit her, we will give you a clue: She may or may not be linking with Angelina Jolie herself! Here are some facts about Ella Purnell that will give your brain a little bit of exercise…

The famous British actress made her first film featuring young Ruth in Never Let Me Go with Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, and Andrew Garfield.

She has over 280 thousand followers on Instagram; you might recognize her from most of the posts that she makes on social media, for example, the one she sings: she’s really good!

She went to platinum blonde to play Emma in the 2016 film entitled Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children that was after the Never Let Me Go. According to the opinion of the In Touch, that was the remarkable performance that caught Pitt’s attention.

Now, for even a bigger one… does anyone recall the movie Maleficent with Pitt’s Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie? Well, little (at the time) Ella Purnell just played a younger version of Jolie’s character, Maleficent!


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