Video: How to find out if your UAE visa is genuine?

Here’s how immigration officers at Dubai airports check whether your UAE visa is genuine or fake.

With around 140,000 passengers every day, Dubai airport is one of the busiest in the world for international travel. Around two million passengers arrive at the Dubai airports every month. They have a resident, employment or a tourist visa to enter the country. But how do immigration officers check if the visa is genuine?

“The person cannot enter the country if the visa isn’t genuine,” said Major Salem Mohammad Bin Ali, director of Amer Client Happiness Department at GDRFA Dubai.

“There’s a procedure at the immigration arrival. We have well-trained staff and we have a system. So we only need to enter the visa number or scan the passport and it will say whether you have a visa or you don’t. The airlines have our system and they can just enter the visa number and check if it’s valid,” he added.

There are simple ways to check your visa status:

1. Visit You need to go to the ‘General Inquiry’ page and enter some details, such as your visa number, date of birth and other information that is mentioned on the visa. After you submit that information, you will be told if your visa exists in the system. If your visa is genuine, the website will show your visa status and expiry date.

2. Use GDRFA Dubai app: There is a special option in this app called ‘Visa Inquiry’ that tells you if the visa is genuine. You need to fill in some details that are mentioned on your visa. If it’s genuine, the app will display your visa status and expiry date.

His advice for those who need a UAE visa? Go for trusted sources. “The best way is to go through reliable companies. Don’t fall for ambiguous websites and social media advertisements such as ‘Get a UAE visa for Dh200’. You will be surprised to see such low prices such as in this case.”

Another advice is to visit the Dubai Tourism website.

“They have a list of travel companies. They mention their contact numbers and they can help the visitor,” he added.

Watch this video to find out how UAE visas are issued online and how immigration officers can find out if you’re overstaying.


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