Can I Re-Enter UAE if Deported (Immigration Answered)

Removing name from blacklist in UAE is the mostly asked question by those who are deported and want to enter UAE again, there are lots of more questions asked by our visitors, we are going to answer all of them below.

Below are the Top Important Questions, visitors want their answers from Immigration.
1: Can I remove my name from Blacklist?
2: Can I enter UAE again?
3: How to remove absconding case?
4: How to remove travel ban UAE?
5: How to get Citizenship in UAE?
6: Can foreigner in UAE marry local citizen?
7: Types of Entry permissions in UAE?
8: Rules for working on visit or Tourist visa in UAE?
9: Pending Police case and its solution?
10: How to get visa approval
if I am deported from UAE?
11: How to open company in UAE?
12: How to be your own sponsor in UAE?
13: How to get free zone visa in UAE?
14: Can I be deported if my visa is valid?
15: How to solve absconding case outside UAE?

Which Ministry is following Visa Cases?
The General Directorate of Naturalization and Residency (GDNR) is the authority who is responsible and in charge for the issuance, renewal, amendment and cancellation of entry permissions and visas pursuant to the provisions of Federal Law # 6 of 1973 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners as well as the rules and instructions issued by the (MOI) Ministry of Interior.

Who are foreigners in UAE?
Any person who is not a citizen of UAE is considered a foreigner subject to the
immigration laws of the country.

Is dual citizenship recognized in the UAE?
United Arab Emirates does not recognize dual citizenship. In case if you are a dual citizen, you must present the same passport while entering and leaving
(exiting) the country.

If  a foreigner marries an Emirati, will he/she automatically become a citizen of UAE?
No. he/she will require to renounce (reject or leave) her country citizenship and apply for Emirati citizenship.
Children with foreigner mother and Emirati father can acquire UAE citizenship.

What are the types of entry permissions to UAE?
General Directorate of Naturalization and Residency (GDNR) issues 4 types of Entry Permissions to enter United Arab Emirates.
1: Visit visas.
2: Tourist visas.
3: Residence visas for employment purpose.
4: Residence visas without employment (for those who sponsored by their families/spouse).

If a Visa issued in Dubai, can it be used in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah?
Yes, it can be used in all emirates, the entry permits and visas, regardless of state, place or city of issuance, is valid for all emirates in United Arab Emirates.

Can I work under a visit or Tourist visa?
No. A Visit visa or Tourist visa will not allow you to work, whether paid or not.
Even if you are self-employed, you are not allowed to perform any sort of work
on a visit visa.

If  your visa is issued for employment, you cannot work for another without the  written consent of the GDNR.

Can I work without getting Employment contract?
Employing or getting Employed in any state of UAE without a valid Employment Contract or Visa is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE written in Article 11 of the Federal Law No.6 of 1973 regarding Immigration & residence,
Article 11 states:
“The alien who obtains a visit visa may not work anywhere in the country with or without pay or for his own.

Is there any Fine if caught working on Visit/tourist visa?
A person who caught working on a visit visa or Tourist visa will be fined 50,000 AED or more and will face ban by UAE Immigration.
Any individual (sponsor) employing a visitor who is in the UAE on a visit visa will equally guilty as the person who take up employment on visit visa. As per
Senior Interior ministry officer “those who are employing visit visa applicants
will face tough penalties”.

Can a visa be cancelled without notification to the worker?
Yes, the (MOI) Ministry of Interior can cancel a visa or entry permit at any time, even prior to expiry date for reasons of public interest.

Can I be deported even if my visa is valid?
In normal cases those who do not have valid visa, or visa is already expired or
cancelled are deported from UAE, but the Ministry of Interior (MOI) can issue
an order for deportation of any foreigner (expat worker), even if he holds a
valid visa, in the following cases:
1: If he/she find guilty and the court has issued an order for his deportation.
2: If he/she has no apparent means of living; and
3: If the UAE security authorities see that deportation is dictated by public interest, security or  morals of United Arab Emirates.

If the grace period (following the visa cancellation) is completed, can I pay the overstay fine while waiting for my new visa?
You can pay the overstay fine if your previous sponsor has not yet filed an
absconding case against you.

Can my sponsor (employer or company) report against me as an Absconder?
Yes, your sponsor (company or Employer) has the right to report you as an absconder if you failed to leave the country on time or get a new visa after the lapse of your grace period following cancellation.
Please keep in mind that even if you are willing to pay overstay fine, the Immigration department will still require you to clear your pending absconding case.

Can my employer file an absconding case against me if I’m outside UAE?
To be honest, your employer or company can only file absconding case against you if you are inside United Arab Emirates.
But important point to be noted that, your employer (sponsor or company) can file an absconding case against you and can easily cancel your visa if you are out of the country for more than 3 months (90 days) without permission and notice.

What is an exit prohibition order for foreigners?
Exit prohibition order means that a person whose order has been given by authorities to do not leave country, cannot leave UAE.
In simple words exit prohibited orders contains the list of individuals who are
prohibited from leaving (exiting) the UAE due to:
1: An order has been issued by the Public Prosecutor in a case under investigation.
2: A written order has been issued in a case by a competent court or indebtedness.

If I have a pending Police Case, can my new visa application be granted?
New visa applications depend upon where you were at the time of application. If you have still facing pending police case and living in United Arab Emirates,
unluckily your visa will automatically be denied by system unless you clear
your pending case.
If you are visa application get denied, it’s mean somebody have already filled a
case against you, or you have not properly followed the documentation process, check out the requirements of new visa applications, provide clear copies of your documents and check again.
In simple words, you cannot get approval of new visa until you clear or pass your case.

What if I am outside UAE and have pending Police Case?
If your visa application is being processed by your sponsor while you are in your home country or outside UAE (meaning a case has been filed against you after you left UAE), then your visa will still be approved by system as the
government of UAE and Ministry of Interior is interested to acquire
jurisdiction over your person and follow-up the case when you enter United Arab Emirates.

I am deported from UAE, I have completed 1 Year, can I return to UAE?
Removal of Blacklist in UAE is possible but with limited applications.
Please note that only below foreigners can re-enter UAE who have completed 1 Year.
1: Domestic helpers whose visas were cancelled prior to expiry of contract can
enter UAE.
2: Those who are deported for overstaying in can enter UAE again.
3: Those who did not pay overstay fine in full can enter UAE again.

I am blacklist, can I enter UAE again?
This is the mostly discussed topic, please note that if you are from above 3
applicants, you can return to UAE.
But those who are deported for reasons other than mention above can return to UAE by appealing their cases before the Immigration department, Prosecutor or the higher courts. Once their cases solved, they can easily enter UAE without any problem.

Is it legal to buy a visa in UAE?
Buying visa is illegal in all states of United Arab Emirates.

How can we legally stay in UAE if we do not have a sponsor?
Living freely in UAE is everybody wish, most of us do not want a sponsor and want to work freely without pressure of sponsors.
The easiest and legal way to have your own visa or to stay away from sponsor is to create your own company that will sponsor your own residence visas.

How to open company in UAE?
Those who are looking to open a company or license in UAE will not need to lease an office space or find a UAE sponsor.

If you have budget just up to 35,000 AED, you can easily set up a Free zone
company in UAE.
If you are friends and want to live together without local sponsor, you can become shareholders and will get sponsorship by you own company from Free Zone.
Once you have completed the payment and documentation process, you will get 3 valid visas for just 35,000, each visa will valid for 3 years.
If you are looking for more visas, you can setup a company of 6 persons by paying just 45,000 AED.
All 6 visas will be valid for 3 years, later you can renew them to live legally in UAE.


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