Amazing!! Scientists can now grow a human heart outside of a human body from stem cells

Stem cell research will never cease to amaze mankind as it has infinite possibilities of an evolutionary science that may well reach the pinnacle of creation. Scientists can now grow a human heart.In what could be one of the most important milestones of human science, researchers at Harvard Stem Cell Institute are endeavoring to carry forward last year’s amazing experiment of creation of the foundation of a mini human heart from stem cell tissue towards developing a mature human heart.

1 Scientists Achieved a Milestone last year!

In July 2015, a path breaking collaboration between researchers from Berkeley California and scientists from the Gladstone Institute had developed a template model of a beating human heart optimized from stem cell tissue. Researchers claimed that the template could well pave the way for live and beating cardiac tissue to be constructed from stem cells, benefitting the future of heart development.

Led by stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce Conklin and his team of researchers, the creation of a tiny beating heart took place from stem cells at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease in San Francisco. The experiment involved cells from skin tissue to grow in a Petri dish lined with a chemical layers with altered properties through oxygen plasma etching. Confused??? Then perhaps this simple explanation will more than educate you. Read on.

2 Stem Cells Reprogrammed Into Behaving Like Heart Tissue

What the scientists did was that they created a chemically altered condition conducive to cardiovascular construction in a small experimental vessel. When they placed the stem cells in to the vessel, the chemically treated atmosphere educated stem cells and reprogrammed them to restructure themselves into micron levels of a heart. The most amazing result of the experiment was a micro chamber or a teeny weenie immature human beating heart!!!

We have seen such ideology in movies, remember The Amazing Spider man? Well this is for real! The experiment proved with continued research that stem cells can be prodded and prompted to adopt the properties of any tissue of the human body to take on its particular form. That is why stem cell research is infinitely important for the future of medicine where deteriorated organs can well be regenerated and saved.

3 Now, the next step!

Although this amazing experiment and research was conducted last year, this year however scientists at Harvard Stem Cell Institute have decided to go one up on the experiment. In the latest update on cardiac stem cell research, Harvard scientists are now using the same technology to try and actually develop mature heart tissue.

What you read earlier was about the lowest immature levels of heart reconstruction. Now this is an even bigger prospect where researchers at HSCI are hoping to take the experiment all the way to its most logical conclusion, a live, mature and stabilized heart.

4 Breakdown Of The Heart Matrix, Can It Be Done?

The research being done at HSCI is unique. Along with stem cells, it is using mature cells from tissue which are genetically stimulated to behave like developing stem cells called pluripotent cells to create new heart tissue. The main reason being, that a heart grown from stem cells will be an immature and underdeveloped one similar to that of a newborn. New heart cells need to be matured in order to survive.

In order to guide cells towards maturity,HSCI scientists hope to use the human heart matrix, the permanent base and command center which makes the heart cells coordinating their entire function. Although a daunting task, scientists hope to achieve an entire breakdown of the matrix to provide data on rebuilding the foundational environment of the human heart.

5 Cardiac Stem Cell Research Paves the Way for Exciting New Discoveries

Scientists can now grow a human heart. All of this sounds fascinating no doubt, but at this very moment experiments are consistently going on where the scientists at HSCI are hoping they will achieve the near impossible. The biggest benefit of such a journey is the constant discovery of new insight into human physiology. The technology paves the way to investigate drugs which can cause cardiac defect in child birth so as to remove such drugs for safer pregnancies.

The latest development is the identification of a new blood factor which if developed can reverse the aging process of a diseased or old heart.


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