OFW Blackmailed With Her Nude Photos Reaches Out To Raffy Tulfo in Action

  • More women fall victim to “sextortion”, or the act of blackmailing using an explicit photo for malicious intentions.
  • The most common motive, however, is to extract sums of money from the victims and such was the unfortunate case for an OFW in Jeddah.
  • The victim reached out to Raffy Tulfo in Action after her partner blackmailed her with nude photos in exchange for money.

As more women fall victim to it, the crime coined “sextortion” continues to thrive on the Internet. The term was defined and popularized as the act of blackmailing using an explicit photo in order for malicious purposes. The most common motive, however, is to extract sums of money from the victims. Such was the unfortunate case for an OFW in Jeddah who reached out to Raffy Tulfo in Action for help.

To represent the OFW was her friend Ophelia Cabrillos. According to the desperate victim, Marissa Olivero, her partner was blackmailing her with nude photos that he will put up online if she doesn’t send him PHP 6,000. She confirmed that the said photos were actually hers and said that they were taken from their video call.

Marissa met the extortionist on Facebook. She said that she has already sent him over PHP 15,000. Because of constant threat, she had to prioritize the partner instead of her children.

It turns out that Marissa has a legal husband who used to be a womanizer and a drug addict, which prompted her to look for affection from the partner. However, she said that the husband has changed after having known of the nude photos. The two are currently doing well.

The OFW, who was partly at fault, was advised by the TV host.

“Ang aral na napulot po dito Ma’am ay ‘wag magtiwala sa mga taong nakikilala lang natin sa social media.”

The partner, Arnel Denoso, was then contacted by Raffy Tulfo and got down to business with him.

The TV host offered to pay for the money to get the suspect to talk. While Arnel confirmed that he has the said photos, he later said that it was already deleted from his gallery. He denied that he was serious in the blackmail and said that he only did it out of intoxication. Raffy, who is known for his witty comebacks, replied with:

“Sir, ganito na lang, Sir. Mas maganda Sir kung ‘wag ko na lang ihulog. Pwede ho ba Sir magkita na lang tayo? Ibibigay ko na lang sa inyo in person. PHP 6,000 ba kamo? Gawin ko na lang pong PHP60,000 Sir.”

He said that he would pay for Marissa’s nude photos and upped the offer to PH P600,000 under the condition that they will meet in person. A seemingly guilty Arnel refused and abruptly ended the call.

In another episode, Raffy Tulfo reached out to Arnel once more to finally settle the issue. The suspect apologized for having ended the call. He then proceeded to share that it was Marissa who initiated everything, sending him first a photo of her in her underwear, then contacting him for a video call while she was stark naked. He said this as if to put the blame to the partner. The unconvinced host replied with:

“Inamin naman niya na naghubad sa harap ng video chat niyo. Inamin niya yun, hindi siya nagsinungaling. Ang hindi lang tama na ginawa mo ay gagamitin mo yung mga hubad na larawan para i-blackmail siya at hingian siya ng pera.”

It would turn out that he was harassing him for money to pay for his enrollment to TESDA.

The page of the show put up Arnel’s photo to warn possible victims online. He requested for them to take it down, but the host said that the photo would only be taken down once Marissa once the go signal.

The story became a hot topic online, with some of the netizens mostly blaming Marissa.

On November 27, Arnel said that he got rid of the nude photos and that he’s not in contact with Marissa anymore.

Watch the full video here.

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