Heartbreaking: 4-Year-Old Kid Pleaded With Her Mom To Bury Him Because Of Excruciating Pain From Terminal Illness.

Du Sihan, 4-year-old terminally ill child from China was robbed of his childhood because, at a very young age, he already experiencing the burden of a grown-up man. Like a normal kid, Du Sihan should be on the streets playing innocently about life and no worries or pain at all. Unfortunately, in this case, that’s impossible for him to experience.

When he was younger, he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder known as thalassemia. This inherited blood disorder causes his body to produce an abnormal hemoglobin. Du Sihan spends his entire time bedridden at the hospital and spends every single day in debilitating pain.

Due to his condition, he never has enough energy to play like normal kids do, feels weary and tired every day.

There are days where the 4-year-old will be in an unbearable pain and pleaded with her mother for something.

Du Sihan: “Please bury me, mommy. I cannot bear with this pain anymore.”

Mom answered: “Where do you want mom to bury you? Do you want to play hide and seek with me?”

Du Sihan: “No, I want you to bury me in the ground.”

Seeing their child’s suffering breaks the hearts of Du Sihan’s parents and with this disturbing plea coming from the mouth of their beloved child, that is so much for them to carry.

the child’s plea just shows what he suffered every single day to choose death over living. Soon enough, the story about Du Sihan’s struggle makes rounds on the internet.

Netizens online unitedly come up with an idea to raise a staggering amount of $134,550 for the 4-year-old’s condition. Most of this large sum was spent on the expenses of Du Sihan’s bone marrow surgery. However, his health condition kept on declining after suffering from bacterial and bile infections.

There came a point when the innocent kid knew that he would die soon. Despite this, he remained brave and tough even at his last moment where he mouthed his last words to his mother:

Losing a child is the darkest moment every parent, especially mothers would have. In spite of the lost, they found comfort in the fact that he is no longer suffering up there.

“It is for the best, my boy left this world with a lot of pain but now is relieved of all the pain,” said Du Sihan’s mother.

What do you think about the story of the Du Sihan? Are you surprised that at a very young age, he is ready to die? Let us know your reactions in the comment section below.



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