2 Filipina Caregivers in Taiwan Recognized for Taking Care of Abandoned Children With Cerebral Palsy For Free

Two Filipina caregivers in Taiwan received recognition from the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) for taking care of two abandoned children with cerebral palsy.

Joylyn Catulos Camilote and Joyce Ann Cudal Bonilla were honored by MECO after their story was reported by Asia Times in June.

Camilote and Bonilla reportedly took care of the two kids after their parents left them.

Reports say that the two Filipinas were hired by the children’s mother, but she got into financial trouble and was forced to flee to escape loan sharks.

Camilote and Bonilla brought the poor children to their father, who then promised to honor the caregivers’ contracts.

However, the father also left; leaving the children to the two women.

According to MECO, Taiwan’s Social Welfare and Development Department asked Camilote and Bonilla to continue taking care of the children for a while until a nursing home becomes available for them.

“The Pinay caregivers decided to stay even though they no longer have employment contracts, risking deportation for violation of local migrant labor laws,” MECO said.

Eventually, the two Filipinas were able to get their unpaid salaries and fix their employment status with the help of the Philippine and Taiwan government.


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