This Woman Was Impregnated By Her Chinese Employer But Ends Being Left Behind Worse, Her Child Was Even taken Away From Her

Janice Abrasaldo approached Raffy Tulfo for help in getting her son back. Janice worked as a maid for Cresencio Tio, a deceased Filipino-Chinese businessman. Apparently, Janice was Cresencio’s mistress and she bore him a son. Following Cresencio’s death, Janice’s son was placed under the care of the wealthy businessman’s family.

Janice shared that she started working for Cresencio in 2005. She took care of him and gave him medicine when he was sick. Janice said that she offered something that Cresencio’s wife never gave him. As a result, he fell in love with her.

Janice told Raffy that Cresencio was helping her family by sending them money. Due to his generosity, Janice’s family came to accept Cresencio despite the illegality of their affair. On Raffy Tulfo’s show, Janice admitted that she only stayed with Cresencio out of pity.

While she was Cresencio’s mistress, Janice lived in an expensive condominium. Based on the photos shown on Raffy’s program, Janice lived well beyond her meagre means as a result of her rich Chinese boyfriend’s generosity.

Eventually, Janice broke up with Cresencio when she fell in love with another man. She even had plans to marry the new man in her life.

Prior to Cresencio’s death, he told his son, Ryan, not to give Janice’s 5-year-old boy to her. Ryan told Raffy Tulfo that Janice tried to kill herself by drinking bleach when Cresencio found out that she was having an affair with another man.

Raffy Tulfo took Janice’s side and he said he would make sure that she gets her son back. He said that despite the late father’s wishes, there are laws that protect a mother’s right to take custody of her children.

At the end of the program, it was shown that Janice finally got her son back from the Tio family.

Watch the full video below:

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