Asian Man Admits Secretly Filming Filipina Naked

DUBAI: An Indian clerk admitted before the Dubai Court of First Instance that he secretly filmed a Filipina while she was naked in the shower.

The defendant, who pleaded not guilty before the court but later on signed a written confession admitting the accusation, was convicted of molesting the woman and breaching her privacy and modesty by secretly filming her, reported Gulf News.

A document signed by the accused states that he filmed the receptionist three times without her knowledge through the holes of an exhaust fan.

According to the victim, she had just undressed and went to the shower when she noticed a reflection of a hand holding a mobile phone on the mirror.

She realized that the lens was directed towards her and the phone was in video mode.

“I screamed and the hand was pulled away from the exhaust fan. The person who was filming me did not respond when I asked who it was. We live in a company-provided shared residence and the person who filmed me stayed in the adjacent unit. When my roommate knocked on the other flat’s door, the accused responded … but he didn’t answer her when she asked him if he had filmed me,” she told prosecutors.

The defendant had allegedly deleted the footage.

The ruling is said to remain subject to appeal.


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