Special drive to maintain hygiene during Eid Al Adha

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the General Cleanliness Department, has intensified efforts for preparing prayer grounds for Eid Al Adha and cleaning public places across the country for the festivity.

“ The General Cleanliness Department is ready to provide people with all necessary support if they receive call through the call centre or the Ministry’s website or official social media accounts,” said Safar Al Shafi, Director of General Cleanliness Department, in a statement.

He said that the Department had designed a special programme to provide special teams to follow up and monitor the cleaning operation round-the-clock.

He said that under the programme, special teams will be deployed to clean Corniche, public parks, picnic places and other public places. Additional garbage bins will be placed at beaches and Eid Al Adha prayer grounds will be cleaned across the country, he added.

“The special programme aims at easing cleaning operation during Eid Al Adha in a bid to provide best services to public,” said Al Shafi. He said that the Department will remove the waste from all cities and areas across the country.

“Cleaning operation will continue round-the-clock during Eid Al Adha. Field teams have been set up for this occasion to cover all areas with special focus on public places which attract huge number of visitors like Corniche, public parks, picnic places, beaches, central market and abattoirs,” said Al Shafi.

He said that these areas are being given great important because they produce large quantity of waste which required more garbage bins and constant cleaning services.

Regarding routine cleaning progarmme, the Director of the General Cleanliness Department said that the cleaning work will continue as usual round-the-clock without any impact of special progamme.

“As per the special cleaning progarmme, waste of slaughtered animals will be removed on time for hygiene purpose from garbage bins at slaughter houses, homes or if found at open areas and ground,” said Al Shafi.

He said that some streets would be closed temporary if needed so the cleaning vehicles enter smoothly without any hindrance on scheduled time to remove the waste.

He added that an emergency team equipped with necessary machines will be provided to follow up the cleaning work at areas taking into consideration of any road accident which required cleaning the areas immediately.

“Designated Eid Al Adha prayer grounds are being given special focus to provide cleaning services with authorities concerned,” said Al Shafi.

He said that waste increases remarkably during Eid Al Adha because of sacrificial animals, adding that the Department has taken into consideration that some citizens and expatriates slaughter sacrificial animals at homes and put the waste at garbage bins or throw on ground.

“A team has been formed to monitor the situation and remove such waste as soon as possible for hygiene,” Al Shafi added.

Safar Al Shafi, the Director of General Cleanliness Department has urged citizens and expatriates to cooperate with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in maintaining necessary hygiene in areas and public places specially at beaches while picnicking during Eid Al Adha holidays.

He urged the visitors to use garbage bags and put the waste at designated places and garbage bins.

The Department has set up teams for this mission, he added. “Cleaners will give priority to commercial streets, central markets, slaughterhouses, Doha Corniche and other places,” said Al Shafi.

The religious rights of the workers and their rights to worship will be respected by suspending work during the prayers time.

The Director urged the nationals and expatriates to cooperate to ensure the success of the cleaning programmes, by using waste bags and also by putting the garbage in containers.


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