WATCH: Security guard’s act of kindness trends on social media

A security guard in Saudi Arabia is trending on Twitter after he was caught offering his shoes to an elderly woman during the Hajj.

Twitter user Ali Ghafili @alialgofaily posted the video, showing a woman who uses a cardboard for slippers. A security guard approaches her and takes off his shoes to offer it to the woman.

Ghafili captioned it: “May God bless you and raise your destiny and your pride to the Day of Judgment.”

Meanwhile, people are commending the security guard’s act outside the Grand Mosque of Mecca.

“It is not strange for the Saudi people to do humanitarian work and this security guard is the best example,” wrote Twitter user Bo Mohammed (@otman_alrashed) in Arabic.

“May Allah reward him good. This country was blessed with honorable sons who serve it graciously. God bless you. You are our 👌 pride,” tweeted another user.

Watch the video below.


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