Bayanihan Qatar officially launched

Bayanihan Qatar, a federation of 20 Filipino organisations whose members comprise mostly household service workers, construction workers and hospitality industry workers, was officially launched yesterday.

Established in June last year, Bayanihan Qatar has been extending a helping hand to the community through many outreach initiatives supporting the programmes of the Philippine Embassy as well as those of the host country.

The organisations under the umbrella of Bayanihan Qatar have jointly pursued various projects and initiatives with particular focus on helping compatriots in need.

One year since it was founded, the coalition has already provided support to nearly 400 distressed overseas Filipino workers through its outreach programmes. It has also conducted trainings and clean-up drives during the year, among its other initiatives. With all their achievements, members, felt the need to formally establish themselves as a federation to further raise the level of the coalition.

“We now have decided to form ourselves as a federation, guided with the constitution and laws that define our aspirations, objectives and organisational structures and policies. We do so in the belief that it will raise the level of our organisation,” said a statement from Bayanihan Qatar.

Speaking at the launch event, Philippine Labour Attaché David Des Dicang, stressed the importance of the spirit of bayanihan (cooperative endeavour) encouraging Bayanihan Qatar members to work together to turn any challenges that might come their way into blessings.

“We commend the organising team of Bayanihan Qatar. Bayanihan means helping each other and we aim to be your strong partners,” said Dicang.

He said: “Launching is just the beginning of many great things to come. I hope that our partnership will be stronger and we’ll have more interaction with each other in the future.”

He revealed that as per figures released by the Ministry of Interior in January this year, the population of Filipinos in Qatar is made up of 17,900 Filipinos working in government offices; 91,000 household service workers and 125,000 engaged in private businesses.

The Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) was also present at the launch event.

Jin Suk Lee, global campaign director of BWI, assured Bayanihan Qatar of BWI’s commitment to provide support to the organisation in whatever way they can.

Yesterday’s launch, which was held at Governor West Bay Suites and Residences, also saw the election and swearing in of Bayanihan Qatar’s executive officers. The group’s constitution as well as its priority action programme for the next two years was also presented and approved at the event.


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